Conditions of Purchase

Arte Media d.o.o.

By participating in the online auction sale, you agree to accept the following conditions:


In order to bid, you will need to register on our website:
Your account will be active after your membership is approved. Please note that the approval process may take up to 24 hours.

Inspection and Conditional Reports

We strongly encourage you to come and examine lots that you are interested in purchasing. Although we do not include condition reports in this catalogue, our representatives are happy to assist you in determining the condition of items that you are interested in. You can ask for Condition Reports for for individual Lots that interest you.

Method of purchase

Users may authorize Arte Media d.o.o., by written order (special Arte Media d.o.o. form), to bid on their behalf and for their account at auction, and in that way purchase the item or more of them. Arte Media d.o.o. may request proof of solvency from each ordering party, as a condition for accepting the order. Acceptance of the Arte Media d.o.o. representation shall be confirmed in writing. Users can be represented through closed offers, telephone bids or online registration. Customers can be represented through:

  1. Closed bids (the buyer states the maximum amount he wants to pay for a certain Lot, the auction house bids instead of the buyer up to that amount);
  2. Telephone bid (a member of the auction house calls you during the auction, informs you about the bidding process and competes with your instructions);
  3. Online registration (a member of the auction house registers the order on your behalf and the system responds in accordance with your instructions).

Bid Flow

The online auction starts on Monday, June 1st at 3 PM. Participants will be allowed to bid for a period of two weeks, after which the auction will end on Monday, June 15th, between 6 PM and 8 PM. The first Lot closes at 6 PM, and then every next one half a minute later. If a new bid is entered in the last minute before the end of the auction, the bidding will be automatically extended by 3 minutes. That way you will have time to decide if you want to continue bidding. The time of the end of the auction will be clearly stated for each Lot individually.


After the close of the auction the successful bidder is obligated to pay for all of the Lots he won within 7 days. Ownership of purchased items is transferred to the buyer at the time when the buyer disburses the total debt due to Arte Media d.o.o. The buyer decides how he prefers to pay: a) credit card b) by bank transfer c) cash in our gallery spaces. We reserve the right to hold items that you have purchased until your payment clears.

Buyer’s Responsibilities

In case of non-payment or non-collection of the purchased goods by the buyer within the specified deadlines,  Arte Media d.o.o. is authorized to: a) claim compensation from the buyer for non-compliance with the sales contract, b) move or cancel the sale of items sold to the buyer at the same or any other auction, claiming compensation of all payments made by the buyer to Arte Media d.o.o. for nuisances suffered by the seller or Arte Media d.o.o. as a result of the buyer’s debt; c) re-sell the item through a public auction or direct sale and hold the buyer-debtor liable for any “deficiency” , and the Buyer-Debtor fully agrees that the price achieved in this way is commercially reasonable and acceptable, d) to retain any property of the Buyer-Debtor as a pledge and to sell the claim.


Arte Media d.o.o. reserves the right to withdraw any item from the sale without any liability to any potential buyer.

Increment Scale:

– for amounts up to 500 € by 25 €
– for amounts from 500 to 2000 € by 50 €
– for amounts from 2000 to 5000 € by 100 €
* € is an indication, payment in RSD

PLEASE NOTE: We are unable to invoice lots from online timed auctions until all lots have closed. Each bid is binding and cannot be withdrawn.